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31 May 1986
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I'm a 23 year old Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences graduate from South East England.
I'd love to be able to say thats gained me a job, but thus far it hasn't, and I'm considering going back to study further now.

At present that means I work in a shop, and probably share all the same complaints that most people working in retail have ;)

Over the years I have spent far too much money on anime, games and manga; Mostly manga, of which I own an awful lot from varied genres, and a lot of it has unfortunately ended up in boxes lately because there simply aren't enough shelves in my room :(
I have discovered that Sods Law is, as always, absolute, as I can guarantee anything I ever want to find ends up in said boxes rather than somewhere more accessible.
I also own a fair amount of japanese doujinshi. The art quality varies dramatically, but in my opinion some of it ranks easily alongside (or higher than) some official releases (ever read the official Gundam SEED manga? Its really not recommended)

I am far, far more of a manga reader but I do also watch anime regularly.
Like many people I began with Sailor Moon many years ago, and its gradually grown from there. My most recent (and current) fangirl fixations were probably Gundam 00 and Umineko. Umineko didn't quite live up to the promise, but it did turn me towards the sound novel, which seems to do substantially better ;) This season I've started watching Durarara and Ookami Kakushi. I can't really say much on the latter yet, but Durarara has me absolutely hooked.
Manga-wise my current favourites on my reading list are 7SEEDs, Otoyomegatari, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service and Team Medical Dragon.

I play World of Warcraft and I have ever since the US Beta... although I am actually in Europe and play on European servers (as Troll Shaman on Shadowsong EU). I enjoy exploring, levelling, talking with friends and raiding... although somewhere along the lines recently either my slightly old laptop, my internet connection, or WoW itself decided they didn't like me and have stricken me with chain disconnects when I try to raid, which has damaged the latter somewhat -_-;
I now have a newer laptop and a somewhat stable connection again, but for now I'm casual, which leaves me far more time for other things. Like writing far too many frontpage posts for the realm forum. Or procrastinating over writing them.
I may try to change my casual status come Cataclysm, but that will depend how my time management is by that stage.

Console wise I own half of a PS3 which is unfortunately located in my sisters room, which tends to prevent my playing most of the time. When she's not around, I often try to play Disgaea 3 or Demon's Souls. I haven't had much of a chance to play either lately.

I'm far more of a portable gamer, and own both a PSP and a DS. Because I'm a hopeless disgaea fan I often go back to playing Disgaea on my PSP, but the games I'm currently playing are Phantasy Star Portable, Persona, Rengou vs ZAFT and God Eater.
On the DS I'm currently playing Phantasy Star Zero (good game, terrible AI. Wouldn't be so bad if I could get the wifi access working) and Knights in the Nightmare (which is mad).
I frequently go back to Etrian Odyssey (or EOII) and am hoping that Atlus will bring the recently announced EOIII to the US in the near future :)

This reads as more of an introductory blog post than a bio, but meh. Its probably slightly better than the completely blank space that had been here for months beforehand.
Thankyou for reading this far!
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